Yoga Classes

Deśa Retreat offers a variety of styles of private and group yoga classes all bookable via the MINDBODY App.

Our weekly yoga classes cater for those starting their yoga journey and those who are continuing to develop their practise. We offer a supportive and safe environment in a special place where you can take time to nourish your mind and body.

Monday & Wednesday – Rise & Shine Kundalini Flow Yoga  6.00-7:15 am (Em)

Monday Evening – Yin Yoga  7.00-8:00 pm (Hugh Lee) Currently Hugh is on Paternity leave and will return at the beginning of September

Tuesday & Friday – Kundalini Flow Yoga  9.15-10.30 am (Em)

Meditation Community Class  7.30-8.45 pm (FREE)

Friday 7:00pm – 8:00pm Community Kirtan by donation – Next Kirtan Friday 12th August

Our private yoga classes are tailored to suit your needs and can be a perfect fit for groups and couples staying at Deśa Retreat or Visitors to the Surf Coast.

Please send us an email or call us if you would like to find out more or phone 5261 3588

Yoga Styles

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga –

Hatha represents the union between “ha” the sun and “tha” the moon and the effort required to balance opposing forces, mind body, masculine feminine, light dark.  Vinyasa represents a sequence of movements or shapes that are connected through conscious breath.

There’s something so soothing about moving to the rhythm of your own breath, and intuitively connecting one physical shape to another based on what feels good.  It almost becomes like a dance particularly if you practice to music and you can close your eyes and move like water to the beat, easing in and out of the different shapes.

Kundalini Yoga –

The kundalini practice provides many practical tools for changing one’s state of being. There is a different breath practice to suit every single state you might find yourself in. I.e., if you are feeling unmotivated, there is a breath practice to help flood your body with new energy to get you moving again, if you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious, there a many calming practices you can do to bring you back to balance. What Em loves about this is that she can be in charge of her own state and be fully responsible for how she feels in any given moment.

Nada Yoga –

Nada yoga translates to “union through sound” as participants use their own unique sound frequency to digest physiological and psychological dissonance. It is noted to be the “most powerful and fruitful of all meditation techniques to calm the mind” (Hatha Yoga Pradipika).  Sound is a system of philosophy, medicine and personal realization. The first stage of nada yoga requires pratyahara or withdrawing from sense organs and tuning into what is alive within. It also incorporates dharana, single pointed focus and concentration, on self-made sound, such as vocal toning and/or mantra.

Kirtan –

Experience the release of tension from your body and a deep sense of connection to self and community through coming together and chanting ancient mantra. Let your body be soothed, cleansed and energised by your own resonance as it becomes your sound instrument. No prior singing experience necessary. The chanting of mantra is not a performance, rather a gift to all aspects of your being. Delivered by resident instructor and musician, Emma Flick.

By donation.

Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive yoga –

Em shares her thoughts on TCTSY

“For me tctsy provided a critical missing piece in my yoga practice, which was to learn to listen to and trust my body again. Rather than strive to please the teacher, compare myself with others in the class or to make the practice look a particular way, it became more about how the practice felt in my body, and learning to respond to the communication of my body. When I started to explore the internal landscape of my body, I began to experience a deeper connection to myself and what was alive in me.  It is challenging to tend to something, to truly care for something, if you haven’t first really observed what is truly going on and listened to what your body is yearning for.  My yoga practice became about nourishing myself, giving my self a gift, honoring myself, rather than forcing my body to create strict and perfectly aligned shapes.  My practice became more about cultivating and loving and supportive connection with myself than striving to create something visually pleasing.”

To learn more check out

Yoga with Live music – interactive yoga and sound experience

Utilise breath, voice and body to bring balance, energy and clarity to your weekend. Submerged in the healing sounds of live music, being guided through a nourishing yoga adventure with Demir Aliu and Deśa Retreat founder, Em. All ages/experience levels welcome.

Private Therapeutic Sessions – Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga –

Counselling – Somatic Therapy – Yoga – Breath-work

Desa Retreat founder, Em, is qualified to teach a range of yoga styles, including Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga – a specialised practice for trauma recovery.  She has studied physical education, counselling and coaching, and is continuing to develop her skills, strategies and techniques for supporting mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Em’s lived experience of trauma throughout her adolescent and early adulthood years led her to dive deep into the study of practices that support healing and recovery. Her one-on-one sessions are person-centred, authentic, and practical. She is extremely passionate about providing others with a toolkit of strategies for managing life’s challenges in a safe space. Come and rediscover the peaceful place that exists within.

Guest Teachers

Hugh Lee is our Yin Yoga teacher, now teaching Monday nights at 7 pm


About Our Resident Teacher

Emma is a warm and genuine yoga teacher focused on empowering others through sharing the ancient yogic teachings and philosophies that have supported her in her wellbeing and her quest to live a meaningful life.

Passionate about continued learning, Emma’s teaching experience is extensive with 1500 hours plus teacher training. She is qualified to facilitate Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga facilitator (TCTSY-F), Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Kundalini, and Nada (sound-based, utilising the unique healing tool that is resonance of your own voice).

Yoga class instructor at Deśa Retreat

Our COVID-19 Response

  • We had a great time in Emma's accommodation. She had great energy and we loved the yoga on the deck. It was a lovely night away from the city and allowed us to recharge in the midst of a constantly hectic schedule. The food prepared was delish. We would definitely recommend and hope to return soon. Thanks!  


Desa Retreat Philosophy


From a young age Emma (Deśa Retreat Owner) has felt a deep connection to nature. Nature provides the solace and soothing that we as humans generically desire. Connecting with nature whether in her garden or at the beach makes Emma feel grateful to be living where she does on the Surf Coast in Jan Juc, and she loves to share this sanctuary with others.

Deśa Retreat is home to a substantial vegetable patch which provides nutritious food for Emma’s growing family and retreat guests. The bee hives help support the prolific supply of fruit and veggies as the busy bees do their bit to keep the garden growing. Eating freshly prepared plant based food, freshly picked from the garden is a deeply nourishing experience.

Sustainable Living

At Deśa we are always looking for new ideas on how we can work more harmoniously with our natural environment.  We have set up the retreat with sustainability front of mind, and use solar powered electricity to run most of the retreats day to day operations. We can capture around 90,000 litres of rainwater and use this to keep our permaculture garden thriving, and use rain water in our laundries and toilets.  The tiny house is entirely serviced by rainwater.

Deśa Retreat is a working sustainable business and believes living and working with a commitment to sustainability really does impact the day to day enjoyment and experience of life.  When we remember who we truly are, natural beings created by nature, we realise we are not separate to nature.  We are nature. Looking after yourself therefor means looking after nature.

The way home

When you stay at Deśa Retreat you become more than a guest, you are warmly welcomed into Emma’s way of living. Emma’s hope, is that showcasing a sustainable lifestyle will inspire others to make small or large adjustments to their own lives that help bring collective balance back to the way human beings live on earth. For Emma “Health” is her highest value, as without it what do we really have?  True health honours mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental components. In this modern world we live in, it takes intention, focus and effort to stay grounded and connected to our true nature.

Deśa Retreat’s Yoga and meditation classes offer a pathway back to the truth of who we all are. Yoga literally means “oneness” and when we join with this truth we can rest into love and feel all fear dissolve, as we are no longer separate from anything, we are no longer incomplete or not enough.

Emma’s classes are warm and welcoming, and regardless of where you are in your life or the level of experience you have with yoga/meditation you are certain to find a thread or two that helps lead you back home. To the peaceful place within yourself that Deśa has been designed to help you access.  Deśa Yoga classes are enjoyed by a variety of clients from all different backgrounds and travel from Geelong, Lorne, Anglesea, Torquay and Ocean Grove.

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