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Desa Yoga

A Fresh Start to a Better You

Experience Kundalini yoga

Kundalini yoga is a form of yoga that involves chanting, singing, breathing exercises, and repetitive poses. Its purpose is to activate your Kundalini energy, or shakti. Kundalini Yoga builds strength and resilience. Our true strength comes from our core energy, not our muscles.

Yoga is exercise for the mind, body and soul. Dismiss the negative energy from your mind. Relieve the tension from your body. Soothe your restless soul.

Emma’s classes rejuvenate and invigorate so your daily challenges are met with renewed focus and determination.

Fight Stress

Enhance Your Mood
Manage Stress
Reduce Anxiety
Improve Wellbeing
Relieve Tension Headaches

Get Fit

Improve Balance
Build Muscle
Increase Range of Motion
Improved Flexibility
Ease Pain Symptoms

Stay Healthy

Reduce Blood Pressure
Ease Menopause symptoms
Assists with Arthritis
Helps Manage Asthma
Eases Neck and Back Pain



Our weekly yoga classes cater for those starting their yoga journey and those who are continuing to develop their practise. We offer a supportive and safe environment a special place where you can take time to nourish your mind and body.

Places are strictly limited

Monday 7.30 pm – 8.45 pm

Tuesday 9.30 am -10.45 am

Wednesday 7.30 pm -8.45 pm


Book 10 sessions Pay for 9 and GET one FREE class.

Yoga classes

Nourishing Sounds with Demir Aliu

 1st Saturday of the month

All ages/experience levels welcome. Experience the Deśa garden or studio and utilise breath, voice & body to bring balance, energy & clarity to your weekend.  Submerged in the healing sounds of live music, being guided through a nourishing yoga adventure with Demir Aliu and Deśa founder Em.

Sessions $40 each

Kundalini yoga

Spring Women’s Circle

Every Thursday night in November we’ll be running a 90-minute spring women’s circle at our yoga studio.

Each session will include breath work, meditation and shared discussion to cultivate connection, community and support through the challenges of modern day living.

Join our 4 sessions for $120.

yoga class

Sound Based Classes “Kirtan” 

1st Friday of the month

Experience the release of tension from your body and a deep sense of connection to self and community through coming together and chanting ancient mantra. Let your body be soothed, cleansed and energised by your own resonance, as it becomes as your sound instrument.  No prior singing experience necessary, the chanting of mantra is not a performance, rather a gift to all aspects of your being. Delivered by resident instructor & musician Emma Flick.

Session paid for by donation

Want something personalised & unique?

Our private yoga classes are tailored to suit your needs and can be a perfect fit for groups and couples staying at Deśa Retreat or Visitors to the Surf Coast.

Please send us an email  info@desaretreat.com.au or phone 040 082 0279

Yoga class instructor at Deśa Retreat

About our resident teacher  

Emma is a warm and genuine yoga teacher focused on empowering others through sharing the ancient yogic teachings and philosophies that have supported her in her wellbeing and her quest to live a meaningful life.

Passionate about continued learning, Emma’s teaching experience is extensive with 1500 hours plus teacher training. She is qualified to facilitate Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga facilitator (TCTSY-F), Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Kundalini and Nada Yoga – sound based yoga utilising the unique healing tool that is resonance of your own voice.

What our clients say…

Yoga with Emma is my weekly prayer and download of goodness for myself. Em is a wonderful holder of space so that I can explore my own physical potential while flowing through her grounded phrases of movement and strengthening asanas. Sometimes I don’t feel like going but my embodied experience knows that once I’m there my body mind an spirit reconnect again. Ready launch off into the world.

Jacqui Dreessens

Em’s classes at Deśa are so unique. I have booked in for the term and I’m up to week three. love the combination of time for meditation, the breath work and also the physical aspect giving my body a good stretch and increasing my heart rate without it feeling like too big a strain. Em always sings in the classes as well which is really special and a real treat every time.

Kirsty Manager

Em’s classes are a beautiful blend of breath practices, mantra, meditation and asana allowing me to feel into both the power inherent in my body (no matter how I’m feeling physically) and the spaciousness of mind that becomes so fragmented by daily life. Em’s heart centered practices offer respite from the crazy world and always leave me feeling lighter in body, mind and spirit.


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