April Workshops


Saturday 4th April, 2020 – 10am to 4:00pm

  • Your ‘ freedom, stability & Strength’ in your body is found through understanding your body’s strengths and weaknesses and then knowing how to fix them.

    Understanding the science behind the psychological and physical benefits of Yin Yoga, Strength & Conditioning and Meditation allows you to have reason to keep working on your body.

    Included in the workshop is a mixture of Yin Yoga, functional strength & conditioning training, guided meditation and a plant based gourmet lunch.

  • Inclusive with this workshop package is:

    • Learn how to assess your body’s level of movement

    • 75 minute Yin Yoga Masterclass

    • Education Seminar on the science behind the physiological and psychological benefits of myo-fascial release and strength and conditioning

    • Plant based gourmet lunch

    • An introduction to package 2&3 of The Movement Series online stability and functional strength program

    • Guided meditation session

    • Q&A with Lucy and Hugh

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