Sustainability at Desa retreat


Our Vision: To positively contribute to the care of the planet by reminding people they are nature.


Emma continues to evolve the eco-tourism practices implemented at Deśa Retreat as she learns more and more about living harmoniously with the  natural environment.

The property has been transformed since it was initially purchased in 2011. During the planning and construction of Deśa Retreat, expert advice was sought on the most energy efficient equipment to support the running of the retreat. A great deal of time and capital was invested into creating environmentally conscious buildings, surrounded by beautiful and productive gardens. Now the property is a little piece of paradise with abundant plants for the birds and bees. There are two hives on the property, as well as a thriving permaculture garden. The garden feeds Emma’s family as well as guests who come to visit.

In mid-2023 we became Nature Tourism Certified through Ecotourism Australia and we’re proud to be listed in the Green Travel Guide.

All food scraps and other compostable materials are returned to the earth via the lovely chickens who scratch around and turn the compost and add their magic poop, which then goes back into the veggie patches. The bonus from our composting gurus is freshly laid eggs every day. 

It is no longer enough to simply sustain our land and soil as it is. Nature is crying out for us to put our love and care into regenerating our environments, no matter how much space you have to care for, even if it’s just a pot on a patio, every little bit counts, and it feels good to grow things. 

Some of the eco-initiatives and sustainable practices at Deśa Retreat are:

  • harvesting renewable energy through solar panels
  • rainwater tanks collect water to use in toilets, laundry and the garden
  • humble main house renovation, double pane glass and earth wool insulation
  • Sanden heat pump hot water systems
  • home-grown produce
  • locally sourced organic products
  • north-facing aspect
  • reducing waste through our composting system